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Beaucoup Blend (dark roast)

Beaucoup Blend (dark roast)

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Pronounced: boo-koo Meaning: A lot of something

50% Rwanda 50%Brazil

Tasting Notes: graham cracker crust-date-pecan

Beaucoup is Cherry's dark roast blend, changing seasonally but always promising a full bodied and rich cup. This blend tastes incredible brewed as espresso with milk, as well as makes the perfect cafe au lait. On it's own, this blend provides a rich, velvety, mouthfeel and a layered experience. Dark chocolate up front, and a slightly drying and lush finish. Beaucoup is the Louisiana French word for 'many', 'much', 'a lot'!

Flavor Notes

dark chocolate bar - red wine - full bodied

Where It's Brewed

Guji, Ethiopia + Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Meet The Farmer

With Minas Gerais being the largest of the three major Brazilian growing regions, we're super fortunate to offer this tasty coffee traceable to a single estate. Rancho Sao Benedito is a 300 acre estate that's been passed down mulitple generations in the Junqueira family. Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira inherited from her parents in 1954, and now her son Marcio Heleno manages all operations.

The Ethiopian component of this blend is from Kercha, which is within the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. Coffee grown in this region is known for classic characteristics of stone fruit and sweet chocolate. Which helps create the perfect balance for the nutty flavors found in the Brazil.

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