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Finagro Estate, Tanzania

Finagro Estate, Tanzania

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Tanzania peaberries are considered an East Africa classic and are constantly in high demand. Many of them, however, tend to trade on an outsize reputation and with less than perfect traceability. Nonetheless there certainly are exceptions, such as this coffee: a single-estate peaberry lot from the Vohora siblings, part of an outstanding, multi-generational family who take climate preservation and quality equally seriously.

Flavor Notes

peach - golden raisin - brown sugar

Where It's Brewed

Ngorongoro, Tanzania

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Meet The Farmer

Neel and Kavita Vohora keep their family's farm alive and prosperous, and we're so grateful to get to share it with you! Our profile of this coffee has high sweetness and a medium, velvety body. Small pop of acidity, reminiscent of peach and dried fruit. This coffee is great brewed all ways. We especially love it as a filter coffee, with or without milk.

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